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The Role Of English In The Guiding Departement Of The Geology Museum

Undergraduate Theses from JBPTUNIKOMPP / 2010-08-20 10:48:56
By : Ariesty Prilya NIM.63704005, Perpustakaan UNIKOM
Created : 2010-08-20, with 10 files

Keyword : Role of english, guiding departement
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English is a universal language for it is needed in the globalization era. Because at that time, we are competing with foreign people that of course have good English. English is like a “useful key” that enables us to enter various area of work. Example, in AFTA (ASEAN Free Trade Area) era to become a driver we should be able to speak and understand English because at that time almost every people do not want a driver who cannot speak and understand English. As the result, driver who cannot speak and understand English will have small chance. In other words, people who are able to speak and understand English will have more successful life compare to those who are not able to speak and understand English.

There are some aspects should be noticed to able to speak and understand English; listening, writing, reading, and speaking skills. Listening and speaking skills help the writer to listen the tourist speaking and to communicating with them. Writing and reading skills have helped the writer when the writer translated the English text. These skills have many greatly helped us to be able to understand English. Based on those example and supporting aspects, we can say that English has an important role in the world today.

Seeing the importance, the writer wants to implement job training in Geology Museum West Java. There, the writer can improve her knowledge in guiding and translation skills as well as apply her existing knowledge, especially in speaking English and Translating. The management of Geology museum asked the writer to start the job training at 19th August 2008 and finished it at 18th September 2008.

The job training is a place for the writer to implement the knowledge gained from college. The writer’s skill and knowledge hopefully can support the writer’s activities. The job training also becomes the media for the writer to develop all knowledge, discipline, and skill which the writer has.

Description Alternative :

The writer writes the report based on the work field done at Geology Museum located in Jl Diponegoro No. 57 Bandung. The work field was started from 19th August to 18th September 2008. In the institution the writer was positioned in The Guiding Department.

The job training report discusses the writer activities, guiding and translating. The method used in the report was narrative descriptive and the data was collected from the observation.

Based on the job training it can be concluded that to be a museum guide is not hard if we have knowledge about museum and have good guiding technique. Being a good translator is not easy, but it will not be hard if we have good skills in translation.

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