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Public Services and Nation Dignity in Sebatik Border Areas, Indonesia-Malaysia

Proceeding from JBPTUNIKOMPP / 2018-05-16 09:57:05
By : Dewi Kurniasih1, Andi Luhur Prianto2, Yudi Rusfiana3 Poppy Setiawati4 Neng Suryanti Nengsih5, Perpustakaan UNIKOM (
Created : 2018-05-16, with 1 files

Keyword : cross-border, public service, nation dignity

The demands of the public to get a quality service continues to rise with the awareness that citizens have the right to be served and the obligation of local governments to provide the best services. Strengthening the role of government continues to be done in improving the quality of public services, especially in the border regions. This study aims to describe the implementation of the quality of public services for cross-border licensing Sebatik border. The research method is qualitative. Data was collected through searches of documents in the form of a literature study and observation, in-depth interviews. The collected data were analyzed using an interactive model. The results showed the quality of service for cross-border permit Sebatik Indonesia border is still not optimal, if seen from the dimensions of service quality such as reliability, tangibles, responsiveness, assurance, empathy. The service charge is still expensive, lack of timeliness, although authorities have informed clearly and transparently about the standard time. Service procedure is quite clear, but it is not going according to the mechanism. Administrative requirements to be clearly explained to end users based on the sort order and only involves personnel who have been assigned. Although there are still complaints from the public about the service process is still complicated and many administrative requirements. Responsiveness apparatus by being responsive, friendly, courteous, and easily understood by the public. But the closing of the cross-border lines of Sebatik to Nunukan, causing access to public services is limited, costly and take a long time. People in border areas are experiencing discrimination and prefer to enter illegally into the territory of Malaysia. The illegal border crossers are discriminated against by the government of the Kingdom of Malaysia, which results in the loss of dignity of the Indonesian nation.

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