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Hyphenated Compound Adjective In The Jakarta Post (A Study Of Morphology And Semantics)

Undergraduate Theses from JBPTUNIKOMPP / 2015-09-10 08:19:21
By : Donna Pradana NIM. 63708008, Perpustakaan UNIKOM (;
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Keyword : hyphenated compound adjective, unit morfologi, relasi makna
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Skripsi yang berjudul "Hyphenated Compound Adjective in the Jakarta Post" memaparkan analisis bagaimana hyphanted compound adjective dibentuk dari beberapa unit morfologi dan juga memaparkan jenis relasi makna apa saja yang terdapat pada hyphenated compound adjective. Metode yang digunakan pada penelitian ini ialah analisis deskriptif yang dilakukan dengan pengumpulan data, klasifikasi dan analisis terhadap data yang diperoleh. Analisis ini membahas tentang bagaimana unit morfologi dibentuk dan berkontribusi terhadap makna. Analisis ini pula bertujuan memecah unit morfologi dan memparkan relasi makna yang terkandung dalam hyphenated compound adjective. Berdasarkan hasil analisis, simpulan yang diperoleh sebagian besar hyphenated compound adjective dibentuk dengan bentukan seperti noun-adjective (NA) dengan relasi meronim dan hiponimi, adjective-adjective (AA) dengan relasi antonim dan hiponimi, prefix-adjective (PA) dengan relasi asosiatif dan hiponim, adjective-noun (AN) dengan relasi asosiatif dan hiponimi dan (Adv-A) dengan relasi asosiatif.

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This skripsi entitled "Hyphenated Compound Adjective in the Jakarta Post" shows the result of how hyphenated compound adjective formed by kind of morphological units and shows what kind of meaning relations found in hyphenated compound adjective. The methods used are descriptive analytic. This is conducted through collection, classification and analysis to the data taken. The analysis focuses on how the morphological units are formed and how it contributes in meaning-making process. This analysis is meant to break down the morphological units and their meaning relations in the hyphenated compound adjectives. Based on result, the conclusion gained is that the most compound adjective are formed by noun-adjective (NA) with meronym and hyponym relation, adjective-adjective (AA) with antonym and hyponym relation, prefix-adjective (PA) with associative and hyponym relation, adjective-noun (AN) with associative and hyponym relation, and adverb-adjective (Adv-A) with associative relation.

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