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Pengembangan Learning Management System Di SMK 4 LPPM RI Padalarang

Undergraduate Theses from JBPTUNIKOMPP / 2016-07-28 14:58:32
By : Dyan kristiana NIM. 10108604, Perpustakaan UNIKOM
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Keyword : Indexing Content, Preprocessing, Learning Managemen Sistem
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Cats are popular animals kept current. Cats breed like feral cats or domestic cats that dominate while the number of purebred cat is only 1% worldwide, so prices tend to be expensive purebred cat. The number of races cat that is about 32 cats are recognized internationally. Each race has a special characteristic, but because of the frequent occurrence of interbreeding, the original determination of race cats can be difficult and confusing people who want to buy a cat or a person who wants to know the types of cats. Many detection methods in the construction of images, one of which is currently most developed is the Viola-Jones. Viola-Jones method relative to get results quickly, accurately, and efficiently. In this method there are several algorithms that are used as Haar-like is used to detect faces. While the cat is used to classify races Local Binary Pattern histograms (LBPH) to classify the features combined with the histogram. LBPH has a simple calculation and is suitable to be implemented on android devices. Based on testing it was concluded that the Viola-Jones method, and Local Binary Pattern histograms (LBPH) can detection and identification are implemented on the cat race. With the test results showed the detection using the Viola-Jones produces an average of 46% and the success of the detection test results using LBPH produce an average 75% success. And maximum performed detection on the area brightly lit.

Keywords: Image Detection, Cats, Android, Viola-Jones, LBPH

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SMK 4 LPPM RI Padalarang is one of the school with a fairly complete educational facilities. Right now the schoolÂ’s study system is conventional in which teaching and learning take place if there is a meeting in the classroom. This trigger some problems such as less tools to learning, student have litle bit problem to get the materials for learning dan student have a difficulty to know how much they master their material that they had learn . Therefore LEARNING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM web-base is built to resolve these problems which the additional tools to learning, the student can easily get the materials for learning. The method used to develop existing applications is to use content indexing method that is one of the methods in search feature makes it easy when you want to get the materials needed as supporting students in learning activities, in this method there are several stages of filtration in the form of text preprocessing, tokenizing, stemming and weighting for weighting has also been conducted in search Based on the research that has been done on the development of the LMS application modules to support the process of finding the materials for students in SMK 4 LPPM RI PADALARANG, it can be concluded that the LMS system through the development of SMK 4 LPPM RI PADALARANG, can make it easier for students searching for the required subject matter as penujang in the learning process.

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