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The Inputting And Editing Correspondence Data In Export-Import Division At PT. Shinko Toyobo Gistex Garment Of Bandung

Undergraduate Theses from JBPTUNIKOMPP / 2010-08-20 10:34:53
By : Novie Susantie NIM.63706004, Perpustakaan UNIKOM
Created : 2010-08-20, with 10 files

Keyword : Inputting, editing correspondence
Url : http://alumni

This report, entitled The Inputting and Editing Correspondence Data in Export – Import Division at PT. Shinko Toyobo Gistex Garment of Bandung is a job training report that was conducted in Export – Import Division at PT. Shinko Toyobo Gistex Garment of Bandung. Besides as the one of academic requirements of Degree Program in English Department of Indonesia University of Computer, the aim of this report is to describe the inputting and editing correspondence data in export – import division of the company. The inputted letters were incoming notification letters and outcoming notification letters. Besides that, the writer also helped to reply the email from the business relations of the company.

The writer uses descriptive method in this report that describes and explains the activity of the writer during conducting job training. The writer also gives the analysis of the obstacles found during conducting job training in order to clarify the explanation in this report.

In this report, it is explained that in correspondence activities, there are several matters that should be considered, such as understanding the data comprehensively, either the structure or the terms of the data in order to make the message of the data could be conveyed well.

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