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The Using of Past Tense in Three Articles

Undergraduate Theses from JBPTUNIKOMPP / 2014-09-26 15:28:53
By : Vivi Yulianti NIM.63710013, Perpustakaan UNIKOM
Created : 2014-09-26, with 10 files

Keyword : past tense, research article, research result
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The paper entitled “The Using of Past Tense in Three Articles,” whose the data taken from Althea Medical Journal (AMJ) discusses about the using of past tense in research articles in which usually the research article use present tense in delivering research result. The purpose of this paper is to explain to reader that research article is not only use present tense, but also past tense in particular situation. The theory used is Azar’s theory in her book, “Understanding and Using English Grammar Third Edition.” This paper uses research method of descriptive analytic (deskriptif analisis) which is analyzing data with describing the collected data. The conclusion is in delivering the research result, past tense is used in particular situation, which are when the research conducted in the past is only a step or procedure to reach the result expected and has no relation to the present, when the data of the research result is temporary, when the research is in a statement that reveals the previous research, when there is a recent research that change the previous research result.

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