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Strategi Pelayanan Kepolisian Daerah Kota Bandung Melalui Sistem Administrasi Satu Atap (SAMSAT) Keliling Dalam Memenuhi Kebutuhan Pengguna Jasa Surat Tanda Nomor Kendaraan (STNK)

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In translating process, employing source language (SL) since there is no

word comparison in target languange (TL) makes a problem aside, that was the

reducing of message or nuance that want to be delivered. Commonly, the

translator is maintaining the original word with enclosing the footnote as

explanation for the reader. However, there is a little bit different in Japanese, the

using of absoprtion word in foreign language (gairaigo) found the word

comparison in original Japanese.

Considering with this, the writer is interested in knowing the reason of

using of gairaigo, particularly in English at Novel Harry Potter and The

Philosopher’s Stone Japanese edition, especially in using of gairaigo toward the

words which have word comparisons in Japanese as the writer thought.

In writing the writer used descriptive method. The main goal of this

method is to describe the phenomenons that were happened, either natural

phenomenon nor man-made phenomenon. In collecting data, the writer used book


According to the analysis that the writer had been done, there were five

reasons of using of gairaigo, namely: to give well the comprehension for the

reader, to adapt of using developing word trend in society, to make the language

has more taste and harmonious, to make gairaigo utilizing more effective and

efficient, and to maintain the original nuance.

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